Lucas calls new ‘Star Wars’ a Titanic tearjerker

Bring Kleenex to Star Wars finale: “It’s not like the first one. It’s more emotional,” said the director of the upcoming space adventure Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, which arrives in North American theatres on May 19. “I describe it as a Titanic in space. It’s a real tearjerker, and it … Continue reading “Lucas calls new ‘Star Wars’ a Titanic tearjerker”

Long-Lost Ed Wood Porn Film Unearthed

Long-Lost Final Film by Ed Wood Rediscovered: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Considered the worst film maker of all time, Ed Wood won a cult following after his death and now fans can see his long-lost last film “Necromania,” a work some say shows he was so bad that he was brilliant. But it’s not for … Continue reading “Long-Lost Ed Wood Porn Film Unearthed”

_The Passion of the Christ_

Here’s some alternatives… Last Temptation of Christ I don’t care what everyone else says – casting Harvey Keitel as Judas was brilliant. Monty Python’s Life of Brian Brian: You are all individuals! The Crowd: We are all individuals! Man in crowd: I’m not. Jesus Christ Superstar Judas is the voice of reason? What’s not to … Continue reading “_The Passion of the Christ_”

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