Google Bombs Away

Remembering the First Google Bomb Earlier today, Matt Cutts and the Google software engineering team posted an update citing the progress they’ve been making fighting Google bombs. Back in the old days, these pranks were common practice, but they’ve become less prevalent thanks to Google’s diligence. That’s OK — link bombs are so 2001. In … Continue reading “Google Bombs Away”

Rachael Ray Sex Video

Check out: Rachael Ray Drinking Game Let’s see just how popular a certain somewhat annoying Food Network personality actually is. We all know as soon as someone attains celebrity status, people start looking for nude pictures or naughty videos featuring that person. As far as I know, no such pictures or videos featuring Rachael Ray … Continue reading “Rachael Ray Sex Video”

temptation on the porn elf

(from the there’s some awfully strange people out there dept.) While browsing my web access logs, I discovered that someone came to this web site because this page is among Google’s top results for the search string, temptation on the porn elf. Up until now, I thought “nude pictures of Hugh Beaumont” was the strangest … Continue reading “temptation on the porn elf”

George W. Bush is a …

girlie man. (via Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener) Melanie Matson at Just a Bump in the Beltway presents an interesting point/counterpoint: two articles about campaign appearances by the two candidates: John Kerry: has hecklers in his audience; Kerry and his wife (introducing her husband) actually trade barbs with the pro-Bush hecklers. George W. Bush: restricts … Continue reading “George W. Bush is a …”

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