The Stupid Rays, They Hurt Us!

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[no logical YEC explanation for stars billions of light-years away]

That’s because astronomers erroneously assume that the light which the stars reflect is the light from the sun. They then base their calculations on that. But read the 2nd paragraph in Genesis and you’ll notice that God created light before he created the sun. So guess which light the stars are reflecting? 😉

Carico, CARM [2006-Aug-15]

Holy crap! “Wrong” doesn’t even begin to describe this…


Really cool?

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[Explaining how calculations were made for the unlikelihood of Earth being able to support life]

They looked at what humans needed for life. I don’t know what the big deal is about the laws of physics. Can’t the laws of physics be different in another planet if there is one? I agree with many of the points the movie brought out though, like needed liquid water, the right amount of sun, things like that. If there is another planet out there, they probably have the same Holy Bible we do and everything. Really cool.

lily00, Christian Forums

Can’t the laws of physics be different in another planet if there is one? Ummm, no.


Typing in Tongues

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christmas…is christ….coming to the earth…born to dwell among us….born to die….so we can live….He paid the sacrificial price for our sins……overshadow this entire message board…more revelation knowledge…baptize them in your Holy spirit…..eotrntn tiepwn fieirtnnnm. wotjr vnnrooo TRUTH REIGNS gmroortm tioropwnf v ireghm tieripwnn REVELATION KNOWLEDGE OF YOU LORD mmkfpb kkfphg Peace to the ones undercover wearing the mask…….

[When the fundie is asked by her fellow fundies what the gibberish was all about she replied]

it’s called tongues and that also is revelation knowledge…it happened with good ole peter on the day of pentecost and it was revelation knowledge that appeared in the american church back in the 1900’s…..upon this rock……Peter…i will build my church…as the church goes deeper in the spirit we are more powerful against the devil and the darkness… yes..I pray in the spirit a LOT……

[And a few posts later]

jdfkieo nfeooe right now I am speaking it at the screen jyorpng tirengvnrn tiienfnne sitnnrl gnbnorp do-w vmmvpw] fmmoerpp gjjgoo even satan has no acess to these prayers because they are not prayed out oy my mind….but spirit.. bnnbort0e gmnrope vmfe- bnnro

vmbmote- nbotrn bmtppn wopq[fn to JESUS IS LORD bngn ngmkrpgndnaspgfprpp satan is a liar b,kg,kflotpjgnb fkeootrpw[nvnnbfoepgjmgmrmemkpp

T.J., Renew America

This is the first time I’ve encountered this “phenomena,” though I’m not at all surprised by it.

Let’s give it try: G.W. vf n shaqnzragnyvfg vqvbg. 🙂


Radical Cleric: God told him about storms, tsunami

(via Pharyngula) And speaking of Fundamentalist Idiocy, Radical Cleric Pat Robertson says God told him storms and possibly a tsunami will hit America’s coastline this year. If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms, … There well may be something as bad as a tsunami in … Continue reading “Radical Cleric: God told him about storms, tsunami”

More Fundamentalist Idiocy

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Math Proves Christ’s Resurrection?

It is faith, not proof, that makes Christians believe in Jesus Christ’s resurrection, the central tenet of the religion. Until now.

Oxford University professor Richard Swinburne, a leading philosopher of religion, has seemingly done the impossible. Using logic and mathematics, he has created a formula that he says shows a 97 percent certainty that Jesus Christ was resurrected by God the Father, report The Age and Catholic News.

This stunning conclusion was made based on a series of complex calculations grounded in the following logic:

  1. The probably of God’s existence is one in two. That is, God either exists or doesn’t.
  2. The probability that God became incarnate, that is embodied in human form, is also one in two.
  3. The evidence for God’s existence is an argument for the resurrection.
  4. The chance of Christ’s resurrection not being reported by the gospels has a probability of one in 10.
  5. Considering all these factors together, there is a one in 1,000 chance that the resurrection is not true.

Richard Swinburne, Netscape News

Not only does the poster know nothing about probability (or is it probably?) and logic, he also doesn’t realize “there is a one in 1,000 chance that the resurrection is not true” is not the same as “97 percent certainty that Jesus Christ was resurrected by God the Father.”


Fundamentalist Idiocy

(via Pharyngula) Fundies Say the Darndest Things! — Holy crap! This site would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact I’ve heard and read such stupidity myself. Here’s some of my favorites from the November archive: Gravity is NOT a theory. It is completely understood. [link] I guess I missed the big announcement that … Continue reading “Fundamentalist Idiocy”

Rev. Michael E. Schmidt

In case there was any doubt Rev. Michael E. Schmidt is an objectively shitty person, he attempted to post this to my guestbook (Note: I replaced variations of my name with x’s. Otherwise the text is identical to what he tried to post): Name: your wife is so ugly Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Email: Date: Tue … Continue reading “Rev. Michael E. Schmidt”

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