Typing in Tongues

(via Fundies Say the Darndest Things!)

christmas…is christ….coming to the earth…born to dwell among us….born to die….so we can live….He paid the sacrificial price for our sins……overshadow this entire message board…more revelation knowledge…baptize them in your Holy spirit…..eotrntn tiepwn fieirtnnnm. wotjr vnnrooo TRUTH REIGNS gmroortm tioropwnf v ireghm tieripwnn REVELATION KNOWLEDGE OF YOU LORD mmkfpb kkfphg Peace to the ones undercover wearing the mask…….

[When the fundie is asked by her fellow fundies what the gibberish was all about she replied]

it’s called tongues and that also is revelation knowledge…it happened with good ole peter on the day of pentecost and it was revelation knowledge that appeared in the american church back in the 1900’s…..upon this rock……Peter…i will build my church…as the church goes deeper in the spirit we are more powerful against the devil and the darkness…..so yes..I pray in the spirit a LOT……

[And a few posts later]

jdfkieo nfeooe right now I am speaking it at the screen jyorpng tirengvnrn tiienfnne sitnnrl gnbnorp do-w vmmvpw] fmmoerpp gjjgoo even satan has no acess to these prayers because they are not prayed out oy my mind….but spirit.. bnnbort0e gmnrope vmfe- bnnro

vmbmote- nbotrn bmtppn wopq[fn to JESUS IS LORD bngn ngmkrpgndnaspgfprpp satan is a liar b,kg,kflotpjgnb fkeootrpw[nvnnbfoepgjmgmrmemkpp

T.J., Renew America

This is the first time I’ve encountered this “phenomena,” though I’m not at all surprised by it.

Let’s give it try: G.W. vf n shaqnzragnyvfg vqvbg. 🙂

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