A Random Proof of God’s Existence

And you may ask yourself, “WTF is going on here?”

I recently stumbled upon this amusing web page. Rather than simply posting a link or duplicating the content of this page, I took the content, and with a little reformatting (and the possible introduction of typos), whipped up some JavaScript which will display a random “proof” of God’s Existence.

4 thoughts on “A Random Proof of God’s Existence”

  1. 1) Is the universe a closed system?
    2) If so, the argument is self-refuting if point (2) is correct–the second law is either wrong or the universe is not ordered
    …quite an exercise in ignorance

  2. Ah, I see. Very funny. How did you make this page? I thought the post was solely about the 2nd law argument. I think the idiot “True Conservative” linked to you, and said something of the effect that “one day, he’ll be sorry for making fun of Xians [hell, i presume]”

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