Romney Hasn’t Won Over The Crazies

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Mitt Romney

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is a RINO, former governor of Massachusetts and a successful U.S. businessman, currently the presumptive presumptive Republican nominee for the Presidential Election 2012. He was first runner-up for the nomination in 2008. If elected, Romney would become the first Mormon president. His father George Romney, a former governor of Michigan, ran for the Republican nomination for president in 1968. Mitt Romney challenged incumbent Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts in 1994 for his seat, but lost by 58-41 percent.[1]

Before entering politics Romney was a businessman in Boston, having served as CEO of Bain & Company, a management consulting firm known for outsourcing American jobs. His political start began during the financially unsteady 2002 Winter Olympics. He gained popularity in Massachusetts, a state known for being extremely liberal, and was elected governor in 2002. As governor he raised taxes several times. He unashamedly admits creating RomneyCare, which is a complete disaster and forces everyone to buy health insurance and has resulted in long delays for obtaining medical services, such as an ordinary physical, in that state. Ted Kennedy and other liberals supported the bill and probably wrote key parts of it. Romney declined to run for reelection and announced his candidacy for President.

During his campaign for the Republican nomination in 2008, Romney was widely but incorrectly supported as a staunch conservative and ran on his business experience in the private sector. Romney fought a rough battle against Senator John McCain in Florida, Michigan, and other key states, but large losses on the Super Tuesday primaries ended his campaign. Romney dropped out of the race and endorsed Senator John McCain on February 14, 2008. His name was circulated as a potential running mate for McCain as their relationship improved, though Sarah Palin eventually became the vice-president nominee.

Romney has supported many far left positions: Romney has a pro-abortion record and favors big corporations; Romney also continues to believe in liberal propaganda claiming global warming; Romney has been criticized for standing behind his 2005 health care plan in Massachusetts, which featured a mandate requiring everyone to purchase health insurance as well as taxpayer-funded abortion. This plan is very similar to the 2010 ObamaCare bill that was adopted on a national level, and may have been the basis for it.

The lack of criticism of Romney by the mainstream media suggests that they want him to win so that they can defeat him in the general election.

This is how Conservapedia’s article on Mitt Romney starts as of May 13, 2012. Let’s see what it will look like in November…

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