Sweet Zombie Jesus!

(via Fundies Say the Darndest Things!) [on the TV show, Futurama] Not only does this show contain sexual innuendo, blasphemy against our faith, and promotes the false belief in alien life forms, but it also takes place in the year 3000 (by which time the rapture will most likely have come)… Eddie Reynolds, Christiananswers I’m … Continue reading “Sweet Zombie Jesus!”

_Futurama_ Movie Set For November 27

Comic-Con: Futurama panel report: Futurama is back, and now we know in what form. The show will return on November 27th as a full-length high-def film sold on DVD. It will be followed by three additional films, and each film will be divided into four episodes each to be aired on Comedy Central. So, that’s … Continue reading “_Futurama_ Movie Set For November 27”

Useless Crap Nobody Needs to Know

(via Captain Carl’s Daily Blarrrg) Charlie’s Angels were: Sabrina Duncan (1976–79), Kate Jackson Jill Munroe (1976–77, six times later in guest star roles, 3 each in 1978 & 79), Farrah Fawcett-Majors Kelly Garrett (1976–81), Jaclyn Smith Kris Munroe (1977–81), Cheryl Ladd Tiffany Welles (1979–80), Shelley Hack Julie Rogers (1980–81), Tanya Roberts

Interview with co-creator of Futurama David X. Cohen

Good news, everyone! Here’s more Furturama news. UP CLOSE: DAVID X. COHEN It’s the good news everyone has been waiting for! A new season of “Futurama”—the brilliant, animated sci-fi comedy from “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening and executive producer David X. Cohen—is finally being produced for a 2008 release. It’s still not determined whether the new … Continue reading “Interview with co-creator of Futurama David X. Cohen”