Philip K. Dick

Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
Vulcan’s Hammer
Dr. Futurity
Solar Lottery
The World Jones Made
Eye in the Sky
The Man Who Japed
Time Out of Joint
Confessions of a Crap Artist
The Man in the High Castle
We Can Build You – Philip K. Dick
Martian Time-Slip
Dr. Bloodmoney
The Game-Players of Titan
The Simulacra
The Crack in Space
Now Wait for Last Year
Clans of the Alphane Moon
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
The Zap Gun
The Penultimate Truth
Counter-Clock World
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Galactic Pot-Healer
A Maze of Death
Our Friends from Frolix 8
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said
A Scanner Darkly
Radio Free Albemuth
The Divine Invasion
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
Lies, Inc.
Deus Irae – Philip K. Dick & Roger Zelazny

Philip K. Dick’s Bible

Philip K. Dick’s Bible is on eBay for $6,500

Impulse buy alert! Someone is selling Philip K. Dick’s annotated personal Bible on eBay. Here’s the description from the seller:

In 1974, science fiction legend Philip K. Dick experienced a tremendous religious vision and revelation. Renowned cartoonist R. Crumb even illustrated this formative episode in Dick’s life […] Others have written about Dick’s religious transformation, but none, to my knowledge, has consulted this volume: Dick’s inscribed copy of THE NEW ENGLISH BIBLE: NEW TESTAMENT (Oxford University Press, 1963). On the front flyleaf, Dick has made handwritten notations regarding the resurrection, gnosticism, and the casting out of devils.

If you don’t happen to have $6,500 lying around to witness all manner of inscrutable revelation, don’t worry. William Gibson has announced on Twitter that he’s willing to lowball the seller: “I’ll write some really crazy shit in your Bible for *five* grand. Paypal.”

[Via Metafilter]

I’m willing to lowball Gibson and write some really crazy shit in your Bible for $4500.