A Very Dubious Book Recommendation

Are we supposed to believe Donald Trump took time away from his TV watching to actually read a book?


Trump proposes slashing CDC funding by $1 billion during historic flu season https://t.co/7k0WBJRfGG pic.twitter.com/ioYSBDGAXo— The Hill (@thehill) February 13, 2018 O Americans infected with Ebola in the U.S. died and Trump was calling for the end of air travel as we know it.4,000 Americans died of the flu last week.We should start calling it "influenza" … Continue reading “Flu”


Stripping America For Parts And Selling It Off To The Highest Bidder Week isn't as catchy as Infrastructure Week, but that's what's really going on here.— (((Jeff Tiedrich))) (@jefftiedrich) February 12, 2018 Furthermore, his budget slashes $178 billion in transportation funding, billions more from water, energy, and so on. So the real net spending on … Continue reading “Infrastructure”

Due Process

Trump believes in due process except for…– Kenyan born Obama– Crooked Hillary– FBI– Anyone in the media who doesn’t work for FOX– Anyone not white– Anyone not male– Anyone who says anything negative about him— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) February 11, 2018


For a $35 campaign contribution to Trump you can have your name shown on the screen during the livestream of the #SOTU on his website. He literally found a way to make money off the State of the Union. Absolutely pathetic & corrupt to the core. #StateOfTheDream— Scott Dworkin (@funder) January 30, 2018