President Snowflake

NEW: The White House wanted the USS John McCain “out of sight” for Trump’s visit to Japan. A tarp was hung over the ship’s name ahead of the trip, and sailors—who wear caps bearing the ship’s name—were given the day off for Trump’s visit. w/@glubold— Rebecca Ballhaus (@rebeccaballhaus) May 29, 2019

Misogyny in the Media

If you want to see misogyny in the media look no further than the fact that 45 was hailed a genius despite his multiple bankruptcies & losing over $1B—yet @ewarren is criticized for teaching at Harvard Law & taking dozens of high profile cases at a fairly common per hour rate.😑— Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@QasimRashid) … Continue reading “Misogyny in the Media”

Number Two Draft Pick

If anyone wonders why Trump chose to congratulate the NUMBER TWO draft pick, let me break it down for you:The #2 pick was Nick Bosa. He's a "big Trump fan" who followed white supremacists on Twitter and liked racist & homophobic posts.The #1 pick was Kyler Murray. He's black.— Translate Trump (@TranslateRealDT) April 27, … Continue reading “Number Two Draft Pick”

The Language of Fascists

This is the language used by Nazis against Jews ("vermin"), Hutus against Tutsis ("cockroaches") and American slaveowners against slaves ("animals"). Once you've labeled people as animals, violence, murder and genocide will follow. Every person, every migrant, is a child of God.— James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) April 6, 2019 Stop the pearl clutching. @BetoORourke is … Continue reading “The Language of Fascists”


Mueller's team reportedly prepared summaries for all sections of the report, which didn't need to be edited/redacted before release. The only plausible explanation for why Barr would release his summary letter rather than the original summaries is to downplay Trump's wrongdoing.— Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) April 4, 2019 "Some things that we do not need a … Continue reading “Exonerated”