Everybody Wai Fung Tonight

Another one of these “gems” got past the spam filter.

From: WAI FUNG <waifung@virgilio.it>

Dear Friend,

My, aren’t we friendly…

I get your contact from hong kong business directory.

I’m listed in a Hong Kong business directory? Wow!

 My name is WAI FUNG,

WAI FUNG? Isn’t that a British New Wave band?

 I am Bank manager of major Bank in Hong Kong and I have a serious big business to propose you,

It’s been my experience that managers of major banks in Hong Kong speak and write excellent English. Hmmm, maybe they have lowered their standards recently.

 I have in possession of mine details of amount 38.5 Million American Dollar deposit in my Bank, myself only have the knowledge of this fund in my Bank, and I want the fund move out of Hong Kong in a discretely manner which cannot lead or connected to me, this of which I will need of capable partner in abroad to make this business legally possible and safe for parties involve, I want you know i have many years experience of banking and i have help number of important personality got their funds out of HongKong in secretive manner so rest assured I can make this transaction work perfectly and safely for us with no risk, you understand, and with your co-operation this business is successful i offer to you 25% of the fund as yourshare.

You know, correct punctuation and grammar really help in getting your point across. You should really look into it.

Please if interested contact to me as soonest your convenience on my e-mail: fung_wai01@yahoo.com.hk

Oh come on! That’s not even the same as the “From:” address. It’s like you scammers aren’t even trying anymore.

I give you all necessary information on this business and how we make it work.

And I give all necessary opportunity for you to jump in lake.

Thanking you much now,

Marking this email spam now.

Wai Fung.

Tell me, Wai Fung, why would a “Bank manager of major Bank in Hong Kong” be sending emails from Italy?

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