I’m Rich!!!

Another one of these scams got past my spam filters…

Subject: Re: Your Perusal.
From: “Peter Chan” <peterchan607@yahoo.com.hk>
reply -To: peterchan607@yahoo.com.hk

Dear Friend,

Do I know you?

Top of the day to you, I hope this correspondence reach you in good health.

I’m fine, thank you very much.

I must first crave your indulgence as the contents of this correspondence may not meet your personal or business ethics. I apologize in advance.

Crave in one hand, crap in the other, and see which piles up first!

I am Peter Chan,

Hi Pete!

 I presently head the investment division of Bank of America, Hong Kong, The main purpose of this correspondence is to intimate you of a possible joint business venture.

A business venture with a complete stranger, where do I sign up?

In the course of our yearly audit, we came across a fixed deposit account of US$17,600,000.00 (Seventeen Million, Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) only that has been rolled over for the past four years.

Wow! US$17,600,000.00. I’m sure glad you spelled out the number, othewise I would never have figured how much money is involved.

Further investigation revealed that the said fixed deposit belonged to an expatriate (Name with-held for the time being) who was a consultant/contractor with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture,

I dunno, Pete. You’re going to have to tell me who this “expatriate consultant/contractor” is, or I going to think this is some sort of scam. Oh, and it takes a lot of creativity to end a paragrah with a comma.

Going through his bio-data form, we discovered that the only contact written by him was that of his personal lawyer.
Correspondence between both of me

between both of me? You should really try proofreading these letters, if you want anyone to take you seriously.

 revealed that the depositor had passed on and the lawyer is the executor of his will. Further prodding from me also revealed that the will made no mention of the deposit being held in our bank.

And this affects me how?

After careful deliberations, the lawyer and I have decided to find a means of keeping this fund for ourselves. The lawyer proposed that he write a letter to our bank in his official capacity as the lawyer and executor of the will to have our bank transfer the funds to him with my active collaboration and split the fund midway upon receipt.

How clever of you. I’m sure your lawyer friend has assured you that this scheme is perfectly legal, too.

I do not want my share of the fund to remain in the lawyer’s possession pending when I can take my decisions on the fund. I then made a counter offer of looking for an independent partner to stand as the beneficiary of the fund.

Let me guess — You picked me to be the “independent partner” — aren’t I special!

The lawyer has agreed to that and will facilitate the paperwork for this claim with your active participation. We have also agreed on a three-way split of the fund.

So, I get US$5,866,666.67 (Five Million, Eight Hundred Sixty-Six Thousand, Six Hundred Sixty-Six United States Dollars and Sixty Seven United States Cents). Woo Hoo! I’m going to be rich.

Should this proposal be of interest to you, please indicate your interest via a return mail to enable me put more information at your disposal.

Tell you what Pete, I’ll cut to the chase, and just go ahead and send you all my bank account numbers and a few credit card numbers.

I remain obliged.

Yours Truly,

Peter Chan.

I wonder if Pete can explain why the head of “the investment division of Bank of America, Hong Kong” would send an email from Israel?

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