A Vile Troll is Wrong

An insane rant by “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt (Note: Every claim Schmidt makes about me in this rant is wrong and his opinions are ill-informed):

an insane rant from Michael E. Schmidt

Fun fact: I have a Masters of Science in Physics (Thesis: Hydrodynamic interactions and diffusion of bovine serum albumin)

Another fun fact: The only picture “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt has ever seen of my wife is of her just after several hours of labor.

Yet another fun fact: the drum corps “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt is ragging on still exists and is a recent world champion (and CSA did not beat us, ever).

I feel some regret that there is likely no heaven or hell, because if there were, there would certainly be a special circle in hell for assholes like “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt.

34 thoughts on “A Vile Troll is Wrong”

  1. CSA did not exist in 1981. Jim Ott was not ever scheduled to teach CSA. Schmidt was not a soloist in CSA. Jim Ott was never Shit for brains’ teacher. A man of his caliber would never have wasted his time on a snot nosed wimpy 17 year old shitty trumpet player like Howdy. If there is a god we can all hope Schmidt goes right where he belongs – Hell – if there is one. Either way the world will be a better place without him in it. Nobody will miss his idiotic ass.

    1. Let’s take a look at “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt’s claims about being a DCI soloist:

      • Chattahoochee Sound Association: At least one CSA member has come forward and has said Schmidt was not a soloist.
      • North Star: Schmidt did not have a contra solo in their show (confirmed by multiple North Star members).
      • Spirit of Atlanta: Multiple members have come forward and confirmed Schmidt was not a soloist. Also, Schmidt quit the corps before the season ended.
      1. Note: I’m reporting what others have said about Schmidt’s drum corps career. I’m not making these claims myself, though I’m more inclined to believe these others due to Schmidt’s track record of dishonesty.

      2. The photo Schmidt claims as evidence of him being a soloist for Spirit of Atlanta is meaningless without any context (members have stated Rainmaker was never performed in uniform). Also, numerous people have stated Schmidt was a second soprano (some say third) for Spirit of Atlanta, making it doubtful he was a soloist. Note: I’m reporting what others have said, feel free to believe Schmidt over numerous people who have come forward and disputed his claims.

  2. I’ve never claimed “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt doesn’t hold a regionally accredited doctorate. I’m just stating my opinion that his degrees are worthless. A distinction I would expect a well educated person to recognize.

  3. Let’s all take a few minutes to learn more about the fake “Dr.” Schmidt.
    Mikey grew up as a brainwashed Southern Baptist, A plight he still hasn’t shaken.

    Mikey got a trumpet as a wee bebe and joined the school band. He wasn’t the best but dreamed he might eventually be good. I suppose he reached some level of competency in high school as he did actually participate in DCI drum corps. At CSA he wasn’t well liked and was an average player at best. The only solo he played there was with his willy in the port-o-potty at the practice field. He never met Jim Ott there or anywhere else.

    The next year he filled a contra opening with North Star, a corps who was very very good a few years before he got his spot. He was famously proclaimed “The worst member North Star ever had” by staff. He was never able to shake that reputation – not even to this day.

    The next year Mikey got a spot in the Spirit of Atlanta which was also a very good corps previously. I can only surmise they had lowered their membership standards due to their sinking in the ranks of DCI. Fun fact – Mikey’s sister also got a spot in the corps that year and stayed with them all season. Obviously she was the star sibling in the Schmidt family. Mikey always claims he was the “Rainmaker Soloist” which has been proven wrong. Either way the corps decided not to play that tune as a recently rising corps, Suncoast Sound was playing it in 1982 and much better than Spirit.

    At some point in his short stay at Spirit Mikey got his ass kicked by other members for being a complete douchebag and ran home to mommy with his tail between his legs. Interestingly enough his parents allowed his sister to remain with the corps for the rest of the season which tells us they also knew what a whiny douche Mikey was.

    Afterwards Mikey kind of wandered through life attempting to make himself relevant and failing every time. Then came the 90’s and Mikey discovered the internet. Mikey immediately attempted to bolster his reputation by self proclaiming himself the “Loudest Trumpet Player in the World” and joined several usenet forums. “I’ve Got Your High Notes Baby” was his claim to fame although no one in the history of Zeus’s butthole ever heard him play a high note. It was at this time he realised he could earn some fluff degrees at idiotic religious institutions by simply signing up and paying some money.

    This was when he set up his fraudulent non profit “Church” Trumpet of the Lord. His website, which has always been of a quality that would make a third grader laugh is full of Jesusy stuff and claims that he has performed at “Thousands of churches” and lots of blah blah blah – I’m so awesome shit. Seriously – look it up – it’s hilarious. He claims to have millions of hits on Myspace which is like claiming he was the smartest person in a room full of baboons..

    Somewhere in this timeline has was arrested and convicted of domestic violence but claims he wasn’t because he pleaded “Nolo Contendere” which translates to “a plea by which a defendant in a criminal prosecution accepts conviction as though a guilty plea had been entered but does not admit guilt.”

    And there were some bad checks in there too.

    Now we move on to Facebook where “Shit For Brains” (What he is called by nearly everyone who pays attention to his idiotic behavior) has several pages all dedicated to his delusions of grandeur and Jesus. He also tries at every turn to earn money from his bullshit which never pays off – ever. His drum corps group is the biggest joke in the drum corps world. Nearly every single member is there to watch his bullshit and mock him relentlessly. It really is amusing. He blocks every intelligent person who challenges his bullshit.

    My fingers are getting tired but I’ll end this segment by truthfully stating “Dr.” Michael Schmidt is a lying criminal delusional man. He has no fans but claims he does. He has never had a sponsorship from a musical instrument manufacturer but claims he did. He claims he’s sued everyone from myself to Jerry Falwell for “libel” but never has because he’s dead broke. He claims to be a licensed therapist but has no clients.

    To sum it up: “Dr.” Michael Schmidt is a failure at life.

    1. Would drano be considered an antibiotic if he drank it to get rid of the “sick” in his head with it?

    1. “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt strongly implied TJ Burk was white when he called him a redneck. It ultimately doesn’t matter, TJ Burk is nothing more than one of Schmidt’s many Usenet sock puppets.

      1. Good thing TJ Burk is nothing but a sock puppet, otherwise “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt’s posts about a former employee would almost certainly be actionable.

  4. Get a Doctorate of Education in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Ministry and enjoy a fulfilling career as an ummmm, Domino’s manager? Prison guard? Collector of SSD benefits?

    Maybe after finally finishing an Ed. D. in Organizational Leadership, the sweet job offers will start rolling in…

  5. Recent events in “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt’s life brings to mind an old saying:
    “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”

    1. “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt supposedly has 2 bachelor’s degrees, 4 Master’s degrees, 2 doctoral degrees, and an ABD. Imagine if he just had one legit bachelor’s degree and went to law school. He would have spent far less time and money, and even if he never practiced law, he would at least know he’s handling his current situation in about the worst way possible.

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