A Vile Troll is Wrong Again

“Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt posted the following on October 30, 2020:

Michael E. Schmidt is wrong

At the time, there was no polling showing Trump heading for an Electoral College “landslide.” At best, Trump’s only path to victory was the small chance of eking out a close win in the Electoral College, while once again losing the popular vote.

He was so desperate for news of an upcoming Trump victory, he posted a right wing Australian article from July on November 1, 2020: Michael E. Schmidt

After the election, he posted this easily debunked claim on November 5, 2020:

Michael E. Schmidt is gullible

One wonders if “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt ever gets tired of being wrong.

4 thoughts on “A Vile Troll is Wrong Again”

  1. Michael E. Schmidt is stupid

    • “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt’s opinion is worth nothing.
    • It’s no surprise “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt believes in a stupid conspiracy with no evidence.
    • “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt shouldn’t be commenting on the size of someone else’s ass.

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