Jim Talent Stands for Spammers

Now Jim Talent is sharing his ill-gotten email list…

Subject: Jim Talent Stands for Small Business
From: “Lisa Goeas, Vice President, Political” <politicalemails@NFIB.org>
To: me

Dear James,

The stakes have never been higher for small business. That’s why the National Federation of Independent Business – the nation’s leading small-business advocacy association – wants you to know where Jim Talent stands on the issues.

[rest of email deleted]

I’m willing to give the National Federation of Independent Business the benefit of doubt and assume they got my email address thinking Jim Talent had permission to share my email address with other organizations. To be clear, Jim Talent does not even have permission to send unsolicited emails to me much less share my address with others.

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One thought on “Jim Talent Stands for Spammers”

  1. Yes, I noticed I started getting spam after emailing Jim Talent. He is not different than the scum on the internet. Wonder how much money he makes selling our email addresses?

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