Rev. Michael E. Schmidt

In case there was any doubt Rev. Michael E. Schmidt is an objectively shitty person, he attempted to post this to my guestbook (Note: I replaced variations of my name with x’s. Otherwise the text is identical to what he tried to post): Name: your wife is so ugly Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Email: Date: Tue … Continue reading “Rev. Michael E. Schmidt”

Another “Winner”

Here’s an actual email sent to my Yahoo email account: Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 13:53:17 +0000 From: “Yahoo!” To: foistboinder Subject: Your Yahoo! ID – foistboinder@yahoo. com D‮ae‬r Y‮oha‬o! Mem‮eb‬r, We mu‮ts‬ ch‮ce‬k t‮ah‬t yo‮ru‬ Ya‮oh‬o! ID was re‮ig‬stered by r‮ae‬l pe‮po‬le. So, to he‮pl‬ Y‮ha‬oo! p‮er‬vent auto‮etam‬d regis‮art‬tions, plea‮es‬ c‮il‬ck on t‮sih‬ l‮ni‬k … Continue reading “Another “Winner””

Are search engines include you website?

Here’s an email that slipped by my spam filter (spelling and formatting preserved). Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 15:35:20 -0400 (EDT) From: “Dede Donovan” To: Subject: Are search engines include you website? Potencial customers don’t visit your website bcause can’t find it in Major Search Engines? Get your website be included to search indexes … Continue reading “Are search engines include you website?”

Typical Wingnuttery

Here’s a recent entry (spelling and formatting preserved) from my Guestbook. The author of this entry felt this information was so important he posted it 12 times!!! Name: Roger WykoffEmail: [deleted]Date: Tue Jul 13 05:09:09 2004Homepage: From: IndianaReferred from: GoogleComments: I keep hearing Vietnam Veteran everytime this joker makes a speech. Below adds some perspective. … Continue reading “Typical Wingnuttery”

If I wanted to, I could do it myself

Dear Mr. Flash Logo Animator Spammer Guy, If I want to clutter my web site with annoying Flash animation, I’m certain I could do it myself. If I were to hire someone to do this work for me, you can be damn sure you would not get my business. The fact you advertise your business … Continue reading “If I wanted to, I could do it myself”

Do people actually fall for this?

Here’s an actual email sent to my Yahoo email account: Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 15:01:31 -0500 From: “YAH0O!” To: “Foistboinder” Subject: Your_ _Yahoo`_ user ID (    Dear* Y@HOO Cleints,    _This_ Emai| !nform Y0U that _your_ Yahoo account` ( will be BL0CKED after` 13 _days_ (@S @FTER autoomateed reegisttration) _if_ you will_ not … Continue reading “Do people actually fall for this?”