Typical Wingnuttery

Here’s a recent entry (spelling and formatting preserved) from my Guestbook. The author of this entry felt this information was so important he posted it 12 times!!! Name: Roger WykoffEmail: [deleted]Date: Tue Jul 13 05:09:09 2004Homepage: From: IndianaReferred from: GoogleComments: I keep hearing Vietnam Veteran everytime this joker makes a speech. Below adds some perspective. … Continue reading “Typical Wingnuttery”

If I wanted to, I could do it myself

Dear Mr. Flash Logo Animator Spammer Guy, If I want to clutter my web site with annoying Flash animation, I’m certain I could do it myself. If I were to hire someone to do this work for me, you can be damn sure you would not get my business. The fact you advertise your business … Continue reading “If I wanted to, I could do it myself”

Do people actually fall for this?

Here’s an actual email sent to my Yahoo email account: Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 15:01:31 -0500 From: “YAH0O!” To: “Foistboinder” Subject: Your_ _Yahoo`_ user ID (foistboinder@yahoo.com)    Dear* Y@HOO Cleints,    _This_ Emai| !nform Y0U that _your_ Yahoo account` (foistboinder@yahoo.com) will be BL0CKED after` 13 _days_ (@S @FTER autoomateed reegisttration) _if_ you will_ not … Continue reading “Do people actually fall for this?”

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