Are search engines include you website?

Here’s an email that slipped by my spam filter (spelling and formatting preserved).

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 15:35:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: “Dede Donovan”
Subject: Are search engines include you website?

Potencial customers don’t visit your website bcause can’t find it in Major Search Engines?

Get your website be included to search indexes of:

Google, Yahoo, Lycos ,MSN, AOL, Webcrawler ,HotBot etc.

Get your website relisted for several months to qain more search engine traffic.

Submit my website!

Don’t underrate the free search enqine traffic potential!

Dede Donovan


This email only scored a 4.7 (a score of 5.0 is required to be classified as spam). It also looks like this spam came from Chile (or was at least routed through a machine in Chile). Does this look like mangled English from a Spanish speaker (it kind of looks like engrish to me)? Or is the mangled syntax some clever scheme to get by Bayesian spam filters?

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