Rev. Michael E. Schmidt

In case there was any doubt Rev. Michael E. Schmidt is an objectively shitty person, he attempted to post this to my guestbook (Note: I replaced variations of my name with x’s. Otherwise the text is identical to what he tried to post):

Name: your wife is so ugly Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx
Date: Tue Feb 8 18:18:42 2005
From: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx your wife is so ugly
Referred from: Just Surfed On In!

Your wife is so ugly Xxxxx X Xxxxxxxx !!!!

You can erase this but you can not erase her bad looks!!!!!!!!!

Your corps sucked , 31st place , no wonder you erased your scores , you sucked so bad that your corps even got beat by Pride of Cincinnati who was a bunch of rookie dudes rollin around in old beat up school buses!!!

You got beat by both moose and also by howdy


You are a liberal dem anti bush pro abort arent you ???

You are a hate mongerer Xxxxx !!!

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