George W. Bush, Coward

(via Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener…) BUSH: CLAP ME OR NO EU SPEECH: GEORGE Bush pulled out of a speech to the European Parliament when MEPs wouldn’t guarantee a standing ovation. Senior White House officials said the President would only go to Strasbourg to talk about Iraq if he had a stage-managed welcome. A source … Continue reading “George W. Bush, Coward”

Relative Popularity of the Major Presidential Candidates’ Web Sites

Based on Google’s “Reverse Links” Search. Candidate Web Site Number of pages linking to Howard Dean Dean for America 7,010 George W. Bush (aka Miserable Failure) 2,640 Dick Gephardt Dick Gephardt for President 2,050 John Kerry 1,840 John Edwards John Edwards 1,300 Carol Moseley Braun Carol Moseley Braun for President 948 Joe Lieberman … Continue reading “Relative Popularity of the Major Presidential Candidates’ Web Sites”

DNC and RNC Web Sites

Though this article from Linux Journal pretty much rehashes “A Technical Summary of the Major Presidential Candidates’ Web sites“, it’s worth checking out for this tidbit: For what it’s worth, the Republican National Committee is running Microsoft IIS on Windows 2000, while the Democratic National Committee is running Apache on Linux. As of this writing, … Continue reading “DNC and RNC Web Sites”

Fox News, your voice for evil

(via Eschaton) Fox’s bias directed by a daily memo from management: But the roots of FNC’s day-to-day on-air bias are actual and direct. They come in the form of an executive memo distributed electronically each morning, addressing what stories will be covered and, often, suggesting how they should be covered. To the newsroom personnel responsible … Continue reading “Fox News, your voice for evil”

George W. Bush’s Mission Accomplished Lie Revisited

Yesterday, George W. Bush (aka Miserable Failure) blamed the “Mission Accomplish” fiasco on the crew of the USS Lincoln: THE PRESIDENT: Nora, I think you ought to look at my speech. I said, Iraq is a dangerous place and we’ve still got hard work to do, there’s still more to be done. And we had … Continue reading “George W. Bush’s Mission Accomplished Lie Revisited”