Critical Windows 98, Me Flaw

(No Fix for Critical Windows 98, Me Flaw) Microsoft has encountered a critical vulnerability in Windows 98, 98 SE and Windows Me that it simply cannot fix, the company acknowledged Friday. The flaw affects Windows Explorer and after investigating the issue, Microsoft said it would need to reengineer a significant amount of the operating system. … Continue reading “Critical Windows 98, Me Flaw”

Five reasons NOT to use Linux

(via Linux-Watch) Reason number one: Linux is too complicatedEven with the KDE and GNOME graphical windowing interfaces, it’s possible — not likely, but possible — that you’ll need to use a command line now and again, or edit a configuration file. Compare that with Windows where, it’s possible — not likely, but possible — that … Continue reading “Five reasons NOT to use Linux”

This one has been around for a long time

I’m sure there are versions of this joke that predate this one… A businessman flew into Seattle for a meeting. Being somewhat of a bigshot, he was to be ferried from the airport to the meeting by helicopter. However, a thick fog had settled over the city, and the helicopter was soon lost. The pilot … Continue reading “This one has been around for a long time”

Bill Gates Crashes at CES

(via But while promoting what he calls the “digital lifestyle,” Gates showed how vulnerable all consumers — even the world’s richest man — are to hardware and software bugs. During a demonstration of digital photography with a soon-to-be-released Nikon camera, a Windows Media Center PC froze and wouldn’t respond to Gates’ pushing of the … Continue reading “Bill Gates Crashes at CES”

Yet Another Reason to Dump Windows

(via The Laporte Report) Image virus spreads via chat: According to the Internet Storm Center, the victims received AOL Instant Messenger messages that directed them to Web sites that hosted the dangerous JPEG images. The instant messages read: “Check out my profile, click GET INFO!” When visited, the Web site automatically sends malicious code embedded … Continue reading “Yet Another Reason to Dump Windows”

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