This one has been around for a long time

I’m sure there are versions of this joke that predate this one…

A businessman flew into Seattle for a meeting. Being somewhat of a bigshot, he was to be ferried from the airport to the meeting by helicopter. However, a thick fog had settled over the city, and the helicopter was soon lost. The pilot flew down into the buildings and hovered beside the window of a highrise, where a woman could be seen working behind a desk. The pilot quickly scribbled a large sign: “where am I?” The woman wrote back: “you’re in a helicopter.”

The pilot smiled, waved, took the helicopter up, turned 24 degrees right, flew two miles, and landed spot-on at the businessman’s meeting site.

“That was amazing,” said the businessman. “How did you do that?”

“Well,” the pilot said, “the information the lady gave me was both 100% correct and 100% useless. So that told me what building it was: Microsoft Tech Support.”

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