Yet Another Reason to Dump Windows

(via The Laporte Report)

Image virus spreads via chat:

According to the Internet Storm Center, the victims received AOL Instant Messenger messages that directed them to Web sites that hosted the dangerous JPEG images.

The instant messages read: “Check out my profile, click GET INFO!” When visited, the Web site automatically sends malicious code embedded in the JPEG image to the computer, Ullrich said. Once infected with the code, the computer sends the same message to other contacts in the instant-messenger list.

The code also installs a back door that can give hackers remote control over the infected computer.

Can anyone give me a compelling reason for using Windows?

One thought on “Yet Another Reason to Dump Windows”

  1. You are forced to by your employer, a monstrous bureacracy whose IT policies are set by accountants who see only the immediate alleged savings of a “Common Desktop Platform” and ignore the long term real costs of viruses, instability, and security concerns.

    You didn’t say good, you said compelling 😉

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