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The question is: power or sail? If the answer is power, I really like what Nordic Tugs has to offer. The following models meet my criteria for a boat (at least 2 staterooms, at least one head, and a galley):

Nordic Tugs 37 Nordic Tug 37: The two stateroom configuration is ideal and this boat is (will be) within my price range.

Nordic Tugs 42 Nordic Tug 42: Along with increased size over the 37, this boat has an additional head and and a desk/workstation area.

Nordic Tugs 52 Nordic Tug 52 Nordic Tug 54: If price was no object, I’d go for this beast in the 3 stateroom configuration.

On a semi-related note: The software project hinted at in this post will be an implementation an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) design to run on relatively low cost hardware .

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