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sailboat Ever since college, I’ve wanted a boat. Not the kind of boat most people around here think about — some dinky little thing on a trailer to take to places like Lake of the Ozarks. I want something that one can live on. In the beginning I was a purest, only wanting a large sailboat. A part of me is still a bit of a sailing snob, but I’ve had a change of heart over the years.

luxury motor yacht Having spent almost five years in the maritime simulation field, I’ve learned to appreciate motor vessels. Among the many advantages of a luxury motor yacht is that many of them look like something a James Bond villian would be proud of.

nordic tug Recently, I’ve been reading about trawler style boats. These boats are bit more financially attainable and look like they may be able to navigate the canals and rivers which connect Lake Michigan with the Mississippi River.

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  1. To each his own! Boats are just NOT my thing (in addition to a teensy tendancy to motion sickness). My sister-in-law and her husband retired and bought a boat to live on during the winters – Pattycakes – and a small summer place in CO near her children & grandkids. They sailed it from Maryland on down to the keys.

    While that is a doable lifestyle for some….But a Sailor’s life is NOT the Life for me! *wink* (So sayeth *Ye ole Landlubber*)


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