2002 Chicago Royal Airs

Chicago Royal Airs I’m sure many of you are wondering how I spent the summer of 2002. Well, wonder no more and check out these pictures. I recently “discovered” these pictures on an old hard drive I was preparing for use in a file server.

2002 Repertoire

  • Chicago Fanfare
  • BallyHoo March
  • Watermelon Man
  • Alexander’s Ragtime Band
  • John Brown’s Body / Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • It Was a Very Good Year

Additional Songs

  • Richie’s Blues – On-field tribute to Rich Tarsitano (Royal Airs’ first brass instructor)
  • Abide With Me

Read more about the 2002 Chicago Royal Airs here.

2 thoughts on “2002 Chicago Royal Airs”

  1. Oh, man! I love the drum corps scene. During my university days, I devoted an entire summer to seeing drum corps shows. (I had friends in Santa Clara Vanguard, Sky Ryders, and Madison Scouts.)

    I missed the St. Peters show this summer, and I just heard about the show in Columbia back in June…

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