A Vile Troll is Actually Correct for a Change

Michael E. Schmidt receives an objectively worthless degree

“Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt is actually correct for once. You’ll never see me go more than $110,000 in debt to receive an objectively worthless doctoral degree from a diploma mill.

And yes, I do mean diploma mill. In this case, Liberty “University” was more interested in cashing a check than providing an education. A legitimate university would have strongly discouraged someone of “Dr.” Schmidt’s age and background from going into debt to receive a degree.

Also, if “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt is the super genius he claims to be, why did he have to borrow money to get an advanced degree in the first place? True scholars typically get paid to earn advanced degrees.

Fun fact: Commenting on a public Facebook group is not stalking.

Another fun fact: Commenting on a public Facebook group is not generally harassment. Calling someone’s home and employer, activities “Dr.” Michael E Schmidt is known to have done many times, is harassment.

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