Rachael Ray Drinking Game

(solen from slobak)

Get drunk in 30 minutes or less:

“EVOO”1 drink
“Sammie”1 drink
“Healthful”1 drink
“Stoup”2 drinks
“GB”2 drinks
“Spoonula”2 drinks
“Fry-o-lator”3 drinks
any of the above followed by an explanation of what it stands for+1 drink
“Yummo”1 drink
“Delish!”1 drink
“Awesome”1 drink
“How _____ is that?”1 drink
creates an all-new and completely unnecessary abbreviationwhole drink
“Garbage Bowl”1 drink
“Garbage Bowl” as a verb3 drinks
repeats herself1 drink
talks for so long without taking a breath that she nearly runs out of air2 drinks
makes an awkward, spastic gesture with her arm2 drinks
voice cracks2 drinks
forces a laugh at something not funny2 drinks
mispronounces “foreign” words such as “paprika” or “tapas”2 drinks
is visibly flustered3 drinks
comes back from refrigerator carrying too many ingredients2 drinks
drops something on her way backwhole drink
fails to provide a measurement and tells you to “eyeball it”1 drink
provides an obviously wrong measurement, e.g. “about a tablespoon” while she dumps in a half-cup of something2 drinks
uses a “secret ingredient”2 drinks
the “secret ingredient” is nutmeg3 drinks
mentions “the thing that makes you go Hmmm”1 drink
“the thing that makes you go Hmmm” is nutmeg3 drinks
creates a “healthful” meal that clearly contains over 50g of fat2 drinks
makes a “gourmet” dish out of cheap ingredients (e.g. Tiramisu with nilla wafers and whipped cream)3 drinks
expresses how good something tastes while she’s still lifting fork to her mouth2 drinks
takes such a big mouthful of something it takes several seconds before she can talk again2 drinks
ruins something and tries to play it off as no big deal3 drinks
leaves a crappy tip2 drinks
rudely shoves her nose in something to smell it2 drinks
claims a dessert by itself is somehow a legitimate lunch or dinner2 drinks
wears anything midriff-revealing3 drinks

5 thoughts on “Rachael Ray Drinking Game”

  1. she is not just the hottest but god she has a great ass.id love to cook something up with her and not meaning food hehe

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