A man was playing golf one day…

(printed by fortune in one of my terminal windows today)

A man was playing golf one day when a little frog hopped out the water at a water hazard and croaked, “I am a magic frog, and since you are the 10,000th person to play through here, I’m prepared to offer you one of two magic gifts: First, for a whole year you can have the most fabulous sex life that anyone ever had; beyond your wildest dreams. Or, second, for a whole year you can be the best golfer the world has ever known. Which do you prefer?”

The man thought a bit and said that he’d take the golf. Well, the man holed his wood shot from where he was, completed the course in an average of 2 per hole, and went round in 22. Quickly he attracted the attention of the sports world, and became the world’s best-known golfer, setting course records wherever he went.

A year later he was playing the same course inhabited by the frog, and at the water hazard the frog hopped out and said, “Well, the year is up, and you now revert to the 18-handicap player you were before. But tell me, I was a little surprised that you chose the golf — I take it your sex life is outstanding?”

The man said, “Well, I have no complaints in that department at all, which is why I chose the golf.”

“How many times did you engage in sex last year?” inquired the frog.

The man thought a little and said, “Oh, eight or ten times, I guess.”

“Damn,” said the frog, “that doesn’t strike me as very satisfactory.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” replied the man, “it doesn’t seem so bad for a Catholic priest from a little town in South Dakota.”

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