Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Vimeo

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes Land at Vimeo, Which Has Exclusive on Future Releases

A collection of 80 episodes of cult comedy series “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” featuring a man and his robot sidekicks riffing on especially terrible B-movies and assorted shorts, is now available on Vimeo.

In addition, under Vimeo’s pact with Shout! Factory for “MST3K,” the online-video service has exclusive rights to any newly cleared episodes launching over the next year.

According to Vimeo, about a dozen new “MST3K” episodes are slated to become available within the next 12 months. Homevideo rights for the show are complicated by the fact that the segments include full-length films and clips owned by other studios, and to date only 80 of 198 total “MST3K” episodes have been made available for digital distribution.

Starting Wednesday, Vimeo is offering all 80 currently available feature-length episodes to purchase for $300 — a savings of $500. Individual titles will be $9.99 to purchase or $2.99 to rent. Those who purchase the collection in its entirety will also receive any newly distributed episodes between now and Sept. 17, 2016 (although those also will be available from Vimeo a la carte).

Here’s why MST3K on Vimeo is a big deal, kind of

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