A Vile Troll Gets Caught Spamming

(from the whack a troll dept.)

Here’s an entry (spelling and formatting preserved) from my Guestbook. The author is rec.arts.marching.drumcorps‘ resident troll, Michael E. Schmidt. He often posts under an assumed name to promote himself (his writing style is easy to recognize).

Here are some classic Howdy (what he sometimes calls himself) usenet posts. Here are some more recent posts.

From my logs, it looks like the Rev. Dr. Howdy Doody was looking for drum corps guestbooks to sign.

While reading this “gem”, keep in mind that he claims to have seven degrees from “accredited” institutions. Without further ado, here’s the Rev. Dr. Howdy Doody’s entry:


Trolls / Spammers / Kooks / Clueless People

I’ve had a a continuous presence on the web for over 10 years . It’s pretty difficult to go that long without attracting some trolls, kooks, and generally clueless people. I’ve recently created a new topic to consolidate guestbook entries, comments and emails from such people.


Rev. Michael E. Schmidt

In case there was any doubt Rev. Michael E. Schmidt is an objectively shitty person, he attempted to post this to my guestbook (Note: I replaced variations of my name with x’s. Otherwise the text is identical to what he tried to post): Name: your wife is so ugly Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Email: yourwifeisugly@hotmail.com Date: Tue … Continue reading “Rev. Michael E. Schmidt”

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