Summary of 2001

In 2001, 3 posts were added to this web log.

The number of posts in each month:

  1 (33.33%)
  1 (33.33%)
  1 (33.33%)

The number of posts in each day of week:

  1 (33.33%)
  1 (33.33%)
  1 (33.33%)

At what hours I publish new posts:

  1 (33.33%)
  1 (33.33%)
  1 (33.33%)

In 2001 the posts were commented 0 times, from which 0 comments (NAN percent) were written by registered users/authors.

TOP 10 commenters in 2001:

    TOP 10 most commented posts in 2001:

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    This blog has one author. Here is the number of posts each one wrote:

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