AIM Status Indicator

Many people have asked how I’m able to display my AIM status on my web site. Here’s the code to make it work:

<img border=”0″ align=absmiddle src=” ON_IMAGE&off_url=OFF_IMAGE“>


AIM_ID is your AOL Instant Messenger ID

ON_IMAGE is the “on image” (e.g. http://blahblahblah/on.gif)

OFF_IMAGE is the “off image” (e.g. http://blahblahblah/off.gif)

See it in action here.

Download lame online/offline images here.

15 thoughts on “AIM Status Indicator”

  1. Well, apparently I do not know what I am doing! It won’t work for me. I am trying to change the source of where it is pulling from. I am trying to use Does it not work with AOL? Please let me know.

  2. What about the yahoo! indicator? Don’t hold out 🙂 Do you know if you can do the samething with Microsoft messenger as well?

  3. the code doesn’t work for myspace because myspace uses a wannabe shorthand HTML.
    but this code will work, i have it on my page.

    just search for “online now” icons, and find matching, or just ones you like for online and offline. and like it says above replace the text AFTER “on_url” and “off_url” with the url of the icon you prefer. you can make a url with tinypic.

    the code i posted, is the exact code i have on my profile, so the indicator icons are a little cute, but if you’d like to just take the code and go, woot!

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