2 thoughts on “A Vile Troll is Vile”

  1. There are some evangelicals like “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt who desperately seek out more people to discriminate against:

    Michael E. Schmidt is a bigot

    I guess “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt didn’t accept interracial marriage until the 1990’s (the first decade a majority of Americans showed approval for them). Also, “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt must also support abortion, since a majority of Americans support abortion rights. The lesson being: the selective use of opinion polls to support your position is not a very good tactic (the vox populi isn’t always right).

    Also, such polls change over time – we’ll see if “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt will use them to defend his position in the future.

    1. “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt writes the following:

      Michael E. Schmidt is a bigot

      That Schmidt believes that the above has ever happened says more about him than any transgender people…

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