A Vile Troll Plays the Victim

Dr. Michael Schmidt’s Facebook Account Suspended For Thirty Days For Supporting Rev. Franklin Graham

Christian Pastoral Counselor Dr. Michael Schmidt’s Facebook account was suspended 30 days for writing this in support of Rev. Franklin Graham”@[100003400061035:2048:George Guerra] Off course I have. Graham has every right to oppose men using the same bathrooms as little girls. sorry, they are too many creeps out there. Also, transsexuals born as a man “turned women” need to stop competing in high school and college sports against women”.

Dr. Michael Schmidt stated “Facebook is clearly targeting conservative evangelical Christians such as Rev. Franklin Graham and myself. It is a shame that believers in the Bible are not allowed to express their evangelical Christian views on Facebook without fear of having their Facebook accounts suspended. When Facebook suspends your account, they also block your ability to use the Facebook email system. Facebook has become a monopoly that many Americans rely upon to communicate with each other. In an emergency if you are in Facebook jail you have no way of communicating with your Facebook friends”.

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To be clear, “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt was suspended for posting anti-LGBTQ hate speech in clear violation of Facebook policy.

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