Friday Random Ten: 2007-02-09

1. Never EnoughDream TheaterOctavariumMetal
2. GirlTori AmosLittle EarthquakesAlternative & Punk
3. And You And IYesClose To The EdgeRock
4. ChangesYes90125Rock
5. Wild Bill DonovanStan RidgwayBlack DiamondAlternative & Punk
6. Going For The OneYesGoing For The OneRock
7. Long Distance RunaroundYesFragileRock
8. Neon SistersThomas DolbyAstronauts & HereticsAlternative & Punk
9. Take A Chance With MeRoxy MusicAvalonAlternative & Punk
10. Fire IslandFountains Of WayneWelcome Interstate ManagersAlternative & Punk

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