George W. Bush’s Mission Accomplished Lie Revisited

Yesterday, George W. Bush (aka Miserable Failure) blamed the “Mission Accomplish” fiasco on the crew of the USS Lincoln: THE PRESIDENT: Nora, I think you ought to look at my speech. I said, Iraq is a dangerous place and we’ve still got hard work to do, there’s still more to be done. And we had … Continue reading “George W. Bush’s Mission Accomplished Lie Revisited”

Bush’s Press Conference

I’m listening to Miserable Failure‘s press conference. He sounds completely disinterested and disengaged (even more so than usual). His doctors must be messing with is meds… Apparently Iraq is a dangerous place. New Bush word: Suiciders Update: here’s the transcript. Here’s an “interesting” exchange: Q Thank you, Mr. President. You recently put Condoleezza Rice, your … Continue reading “Bush’s Press Conference”


(via APS – What’s New by Bob Park – October 24, 2003) Some in the Pentagon apparently choose scientific beliefs the way they choose to be Methodists, or Democrats or Chicago Cubs fans. Claims that the Hf-178 isomer can be triggered to release its stored energy by irradiating it with X-rays found plenty of fans … Continue reading “HAFNIUM-178 BOMB: SOME BELIEVE IT, BUT FEW HAVE SEEN IT”

Sounds like a bunch of New Age hippie crap to me

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy (via Eschaton): Rush’s Rehab From “psychodynamic role-playing and yoga” to “adventure therapy,” “Climbing Wall,” “the desert experience” and “equine-assisted therapy” (yes, bonding with horses), Limbaugh may just think he died and went to “feminazi” hell. The website depicts photos of people with a decidedly Berkeley look sitting around on … Continue reading “Sounds like a bunch of New Age hippie crap to me”

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Drug Addict

(Thanks to Al Franken, these headlines write themselves) Rush Limbaugh reportedly involved in pill investigation: Wilma Cline, 42, says Limbaugh was hooked on the potent prescription drugs OxyContin, Lorcet and hydrocodone – and went through detox twice. Then there’s this gem (via Eschaton): A few people (including Tresy) have suggested the new street name for … Continue reading “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Drug Addict”