STOP talking shit about different Northeast Ohio cities: Lakewood is INSPIRING Beachwood is ICONICRocky River is MAGNIFICENTShaker Heights is HISTORICParmaDowntown Cleveland is CUTTING EDGE— omie (@ughomie) September 3, 2019

Why December 25th?

Why Dec. 25th? Church settled on ‘Christ’s birth day’ centuries later By Joseph Kelly 12/13/2006 The gospel accounts of the Nativity (Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2) do not say what day Jesus was born. There were attempts to calculate the day, but by the third century Christians realized this was impossible. So they tried other ways … Continue reading “Why December 25th?”

Port of Cleveland to Address Critical Problems

( The Port is leading critical intitiatives for river renewal and infrastructure improvements. In cooperation with the City of Cleveland, the Port is taking a lead role in solving a set of connected and critical environmental and infrastructure problems on the river that have vexed the community for years, as follows: Managing sediment dredged annually … Continue reading “Port of Cleveland to Address Critical Problems”

My Alma Mater

(via Balloon Juice) Faculty Defend Birth Control At a Jesuit institution in Ohio, though, some members of the faculty and staff have joined the debate, signing a letter urging the university’s president to accept the Obama administration’s compromise on contraception coverage and asking him to push Roman Catholic bishops to do the same. Under President … Continue reading “My Alma Mater”

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