Port of Cleveland to Address Critical Problems

(marinelink.com) The Port is leading critical intitiatives for river renewal and infrastructure improvements. In cooperation with the City of Cleveland, the Port is taking a lead role in solving a set of connected and critical environmental and infrastructure problems on the river that have vexed the community for years, as follows: Managing sediment dredged annually … Continue reading “Port of Cleveland to Address Critical Problems”

My Alma Mater

(via Balloon Juice) Faculty Defend Birth Control At a Jesuit institution in Ohio, though, some members of the faculty and staff have joined the debate, signing a letter urging the university’s president to accept the Obama administration’s compromise on contraception coverage and asking him to push Roman Catholic bishops to do the same. Under President … Continue reading “My Alma Mater”

Miserable Cities: 2010

America’s Most Miserable Cities Cleveland Stockton, California Memphis Detroit Flint, Michigan Miami St. Louis Buffalo Canton, Ohio Chicago Modesto Akron Kansas City Rockford, Illinois Toledo New York Sacramento Youngstown, Ohio Gary, Indiana Philadelphia I live in the St. Louis metropolitan area and have lived the Cleveland area. I also have ties with Canton and Chicago. … Continue reading “Miserable Cities: 2010”