Good News from my Alma Mater

(via John Carroll magazine) Doctors Joseph Kelly and Valerie Flechtner, longtime members of, respectively, the faculties of Religious Studies and Biology, have co-written an engaging explanation of why the fervently advocated alternative evolutionary theories of Creationism and Intelligent Design are simply not good science. In a feature in which Kelly and Flechtner offer two separate … Continue reading “Good News from my Alma Mater”

The Liberty “University” debate team

(from the everything associated with Jerry Falwell is crap dept.) Check out: They’re not really #1 and Liberty Debate Team, Take 3 — AND — JCU team wins American Debate Assn National Championship: Sean McClure ’07 and Chris Schroeder ‘09 won the American Debate Association National Championship for novice debaters at the annual tournament that … Continue reading “The Liberty “University” debate team”

Abstract – Hydrodynamic interactions and diffusion of bovine serum albumin

Recenetly, I posted a list of old files. Here’s the contents of one of those files — the abstract of my master’s thesis. The concentration dependence of the diffusion coefficient of bovine serum albumin (BSA) was determined using data from osmotic pressure measurements and light scattering. The results showed that hydrodynamic interactions had a larger … Continue reading “Abstract – Hydrodynamic interactions and diffusion of bovine serum albumin”

Trace Evidence

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Elizabeth spent the five happiest years of her life as a forensic scientist at the Cleveland, Ohio Coroner’s Office; now she works as a latent print examiner for a Florida police department.

ISBN: 1-4013-0174-6  Hyperion Press     $22.95 Hardcover


“A smashing debut! This is grab-you-by-the-throat suspense, written by someone who has actually walked the disturbing walk of an investigator. Elizabeth Becka roars onto the forensic thriller scene with all guns blazing. ”
— Tess Gerritsen, author of Body Double

“The combination of a credible, likable hero and a bizarre, chilling story is rare in crime fiction, but in TRACE EVIDENCE, Elizabeth Becka makes the tumblers click perfectly. Protagonist Evelyn James, a forensic scientist, wins over the reader from the opening page, and the author’s ability to speak from different characters’ minds is truly astonishing. Expect comparisons to THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and a nomination for Best First Mystery of the year.”  
— Jeremiah Healy, author of Invasion of Privacy

“Get in on the ground floor of this series, which deserves to go straight to the top.  Elizabeth Becka isn’t just an expert in her field of forensic science, she’s a fine storyteller, and Trace Evidence should win her legions of fans.  Characters you’ll care about, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and fascinating details that never slow the action — just a few of the reasons you’re going to love the Evelyn James series.”
— Jan Burke, Edgar-winning author of Bloodlines

“Must-read forensic tale: A Cleveland-based mystery series makes a superb debut with Trace Evidence, a thriller about weary forensic expert Evelyn James and her quest to find a serial killer of young women.”
— Akron Beacon-Journal, July 17

John Carroll University Blue Streaks are on their way to the Final Four!

OK – It’s NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball About the Road To The Final Four: The John Carroll men’s basketball team made school history on the night of Saturday, March 13, in Wooster, Ohio. By virtue of its 70-64 victory over Wooster in the sectional final of the 2004 NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball Championship, … Continue reading “John Carroll University Blue Streaks are on their way to the Final Four!”

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