Good News from my Alma Mater

(via John Carroll magazine)

Doctors Joseph Kelly and Valerie Flechtner, longtime members of, respectively, the faculties of Religious Studies and Biology, have co-written an engaging explanation of why the fervently advocated alternative evolutionary theories of Creationism and Intelligent Design are simply not good science. In a feature in which Kelly and Flechtner offer two separate polemics, Kelly concludes his argument with:”No thinking theist could possibly accept either creationism or intelligent design. Both ‘theories’ leave us with a creator/designer who is fallible, inefficient, dilatory, cruel and, most importantly, unintelligent. Theists can believe in a God who acts in creation, but they should not equate this deity with a pseudo-scientific Intelligent Designer.” Flechtner cuts to the chase by saying, ” …we must conclude that, whatever else ID may be, it is not science!”

I took a class taught by Dr. Kelly (Introduction to Religious Studies: Religion and Myth) twe mumbly muffly years ago. It’s good to see his attitude towards religious fundamentalism hasn’t changed. It’s also good to see faculty from my alma mater addressing Creationism and Intelligent Design.

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