Ms Asshat would not be happy to loose her job

Another one of these scams got past gmail’s spam filters…

From: aishat jamal <>
Subject: Good day

Good Day,
My name is Ms Aishat Jamal, …

Hello, Ms Asshat.

… a member of the contract award and monitoring committee of ministry of urban and rural development. My duty as empowered by the Mauritius Government is to provide the basic amenities, social recreational activities in urban and rural areas. These programs include assistance to deprived local communities and to co-ordinate project and development at the national levels.

Isn’t that nice.

In the course of these projects, I was been able to secure some reasonable amount of US$4.5M (Four Million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) as commission from various contractors resulting from over invoicing, hence all the necessary approvals has been completed. This approved fund is now packaged and dispatched through diplomatic means to a security vault. The funds were first deposited in a company before I arranged for its movement using decoy purporting that the fund belongs to an expatriate/company.

That’s pretty sloppy bookkeeping, if you ask me.

As a Government official, I am not allowed to operate or open a foreign bank account hence you need to stand as the beneficiary and claim this fund on my behalf from the receiving vault.

That’s so sad.

The sharing ratio will be subject to negotiation. My share of the business will be invested under your recommendations and guide as a joint venture business.

OK — me 100%, you 0% — how about it?

I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Please respond to my private email address for more details on how we go about this.

.de? I thought you said you were from Mauritius. Can’t you do better than a private email address at AOL Germany?

I look forward to hearing from you and be warned that confidentiality is the nature of this business because I would not be happy to loose my job.

Good luck on the new job hunt, Ms Asshat.

Best regards
Ms Aishat Jamal

Ms Asshat, why are you sending email from Germany? Hmmmmmm?

7 thoughts on “Ms Asshat would not be happy to loose her job”

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