Interview with co-creator of Futurama David X. Cohen

Good news, everyone! Here’s more Furturama news.


It’s the good news everyone has been waiting for! A new season of “Futurama”—the brilliant, animated sci-fi comedy from “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening and executive producer David X. Cohen—is finally being produced for a 2008 release.

It’s still not determined whether the new episodes will debut on Comedy Central or DVD, but we’re too excited to care! We pinned down Cohen to get the skinny on what we can expect when “Futurama” reawakens from its cryo-sleep.


One thought on “Interview with co-creator of Futurama David X. Cohen”

  1. Dear Matt,
    hey Matt I enjoy watching your T.V. show “Futurama” by the way i’m 11yrs,But Im allowed to watch these episodes because there is not so much inappropriate language,humor,and images. Anyways I thought this show was creative, Im trying and I want to be a cartoonist like you. Ive made some characters over the years but they arent as funny as your characters. Well Im looking forward to make my T.V. show hillarious. Still trying to think of more variaties of things. I know adults think and really pay and give as much attention to younger kids. Well say hello to fry and bender for me! P.S. thx for your time, Levi Collie

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