GOP and Science

(via What’s new by Bob Park – Friday, September 5, 2008)


Last week we did a word search for “science” in Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in Denver. We thought it unfortunate that Obama made only a single reference to science. As you have surely noticed, WN is firmly non- partisan, so we ran the same search on a transcript of McCain’s acceptance speech last night in St. Paul. “Text not found” popped up. Could this be? Our nation is roiled by controversies over evolution, nuclear power, climate change, energy shortage, stem cells, Plan B, all of which must turn to science for their resolution. Indeed, is there an issue the nation faces that doesn’t turn on science? “Perhaps the search technology failed,” I thought, “try another word.” I typed in “fight.” There were 25 hits. Hmmm.

McCain was speaking to his base, who all think science is some sort of elitist pursuit.

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