Illudium PU-36

(via APS – What’s New by Bob Park – April 16, 2004)


The cover of Popular Mechanics for May proclaims the dawn of the age of atomic airplanes powered by miniature nuclear reactors. These are not old-fashioned fission reactors. These are the new “quantum nucleonic reactors,” a.k.a. hafnium-178 isomer reactors. The problem with fission reactors was that they required too much shielding. The problem with the hafnium-178 reactor is that it doesn’t exist. Carl Collins at U. of Texas, Dallas, claimed to be able to trigger decay of the hafnium-178 nuclear isomer with x-rays. That would be a miracle, but several other groups found it just doesn’t happen. That detail was left out of the Popular Mechanics story, which contains nothing beyond the New Scientist story a year ago (WN 15 Aug 03). The hafnium-178 isomer avalanche now seems destined to join hydrinos, zero-point energy, gravity shields, cold fusion and all the other free-energy fantasies that only work for believers. In the paranormal world this is known as “the investigator effect.”

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  1. I would love to find this research saying a hafnium-178 reactor just “doesn’t happen”. I’ve been digging for information for a while on this thing, I’d like to find research that the Air Force hasn’t classified, just to get a better idea of this technology. I’m optimistic, but then again I havn’t seen any hard research on it. A link or something would be awesome. By e-mail if possible. Thanks alot!


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