JC Corcoran to be on KTRS


KTRS Vice-President and General Manager Tim Dorsey announced today that twenty-six year St. Louis radio and TV veteran JC Corcoran will take over the 10 am to 1 pm slot on The Big 550 KTRS beginning Monday, October 25th.

Corcoran has been off the air since his former employer cancelled his show nearly eleven months ago. He’d been collecting his full salary up until a few days ago when the two sides agreed to a buy-out of the remaining six months on JC’s contract.

Corcoran was characteristically upbeat about the announcement and his return to radio after the long layoff. “To quote Richard Nixon, ‘I’m tanned. I’m rested. I’m ready,'” JC said.

As of the 25th of this month the KTRS line-up will feature McGraw Milhaven-6 to 10 am, JC Corcoran-10 am to 1 pm, John Brown-1 pm to 3 pm, and Frank Opinion 3 pm to 6 pm.

For additional background, bio info and other material related to JC Corcoran, please visit jcontheline.com…home of “The Daily Dose.”

3 thoughts on “JC Corcoran to be on KTRS”

  1. I was angry jaco was leaving, and this dj from the radio was taking over , but I did give him a chance and I must say I have been pleasantly suprised!!!!keep it up…… Were listening

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