More on K-HITS 96 and JC Corcoran

K-HITS 96: Station Releases Corcoran, Kruze and Others to Pare Costs, Boost Ratings

There’s a bit of irony in that JC Corcoran is now a blogger…

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UPDATE: Check out JC’s Daily Dose to see what JC has been up to lately.

3 thoughts on “More on K-HITS 96 and JC Corcoran”

  1. …one post, does not a blogger make. That among anything else associated with him seems to be nothing but teases. Either give us some news or fade away.
    Same old St.Louis provinciality.

  2. Same old St.Louis provinciality – Wow this pompous ass uses big words. How about the same old media not being in control anymore? Have you actually seen the new site?

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