2 thoughts on “It’s B. C. that Stinks”

  1. Blonsky and Cooperman are grasping at straws. When you can’t find a direct target to insult, just construct one! The ‘toon may have been a dud, but there is no reason to invent implied content just for the fun of attacking it. That was poor journalism and poor academics to come to such a conclusion.
    Johnny Hart is a clever and often insightful wit who when he does have a message does come out quite directly. There is no need for endless speculation; if he meant an insult there would have been zero doubt. And while not Hart’s best effort, how could it be possibly be called shocking in THIS day and age? I do not believe it was even meant to be the least bit crude, just poking fun at everyday man’s obtusity in every day life. Get over it!

  2. By the way, what is so ironic about Hart expressing any views he holds dear in his cartoons? Don’t all other cartoonists do the same, at least those whose cartoons actually have any sort of message at all? So the man has faith? So what? This IS still a free country, right?

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