One thought on “Intelligent Design”

  1. You may believe in Intelligent Design, a lot of scientists believe in an intelligent creator. But, the belief in Intelligent Design it is not science and has no place being taught in a science class. Since there are many creation myths anyone wanting to teach Intelligent Design as a creation “theory” will discover that all of the other “myths” will be taught also…not just the Christian version. I really don’t think that Christians desire their children to have the minds of their childrne confused by the presnetation of other Intellignet Design ideas. Any one who does not believe in Darwins Theory of Evolution has not read his documentation or looked at his drawings which document his observations. Yes there is a foundation for the study belief of evolution. In science when the word theory is used that means that it is proven and tested until another hypothesis becomes a theory. In other words in Science it is a provable fact before it is called a Theory.

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