Not a Flex

incompetent pastoral counselor

To whom it may concern: As a Christian Pastoral Counselor and Behavioral Health Specialist over the past two years I have reached out many times to try to help Mr. Shane Stark. As per HIPAA law I am not allowed to share with you anything about that. This week Shane Stark allegedly aimed a 12 gauge shot gun of his approx. one foot from his very own mother, my dear friend of 45 years Makhyal Stark (Pohlel). Shane Stark allegedly blew her head completely off of her body.
— “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt

This is not the flex “Dr.” Michael E. Schmidt thinks it is.

3 thoughts on “Not a Flex”

  1. He’s a liar looking for attention.

    Howdy wouldn’t know the laws surrounding HIPAA to save his miserable life. 🤦‍♀️

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