One thought on “A Lesson for Chicago Cubs Fans”

  1. I have a personal motto: “never get your hopes set on anything unless you know it MAY come true.”

    However, as a diehard Cubs fan, I can tell you hope is a double-edged sword, understood fully only by a true fan.

    Every year, I go through this process:

    Yes, awesome line-up, great key players, a few standouts…Gosh, we all hope against hope they make into the playoffs; but often, they don’t even break 500. (only 20x since WWII)

    Another scenario:

    Yes! A new manager, new style, new plan, we might actually spend money on players!!! (And when are they gonna take a cut from the scalpers to fund all this already; I’m saying: hottest tix in baseball-add a tax, license fee, whatever! Lets get some pitching, or a heavy bat, or depth to the order, am I wrong????)

    Then, hope against hope, our Cubbies make the playoffs, sometimes even win a series…only to… y’know…

    See ya next year already.

    It so hard. I can’t stop caring; believe me, I’ve tried. But, for the Cubs? Never.

    On a positive note?
    Gotta hate to love ‘em! Though they cause me so much pain every time. I think that Lou’s got a good plan in place, and defense is looking great (ish)-back to the fundamentals-always seems to be a need for my beloved Cubbies. Now, if we could afford some consistent, injury-free pitching, and a big bat or two…so long to the goat!
    See y’all next year!

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