Relative Popularity of the Major Presidential Candidates’ Web Sites

Based on Google’s “Reverse Links” Search.

Candidate Web Site Number of pages linking to
Howard Dean Dean for America 7,010
George W. Bush (aka Miserable Failure) 2,640
Dick Gephardt Dick Gephardt for President 2,050
John Kerry 1,840
John Edwards John Edwards 1,300
Carol Moseley Braun Carol Moseley Braun for President 948
Joe Lieberman Joe Lieberman for President 2004: 812
Wesley Clark General Wesley Clark for President 602
Al Sharpton Sharpton Explore 2004 561
Dennis Kucinich Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign, 2004 288

No surprise that Dean’s in the lead. He has the most internet savvy campaign I’ve seen.

I was expecting a bit more from Kucinich. He seems to have a lot of support from left wing bloggers.

I suspect Clark’s poor showing is due to sites still linking to various “draft Clark” web sites rather than the official web site.

Note: rankings are current as of 18 November 2003. I plan on updating these rankings whenever I feel like it (I plan on eventually automating the process).

Thanks to Public Nuisance for pointing out the “correct” Clarke web site.

2 thoughts on “Relative Popularity of the Major Presidential Candidates’ Web Sites”

  1. The only reason the little troll is running for president is because (by his own admission) he is a failed congressman. This whole “campaign” is nothing more than a public relations pitch to enhance his name among the politically powerful. His modus operandi is obvious; focus on and attract those people who are so far out in left field (beyond the foul poll) so as to offer a corner of the political market to whichever democrat gets the nomination. Thankfully, in his desperate attempt to enhance his name nationally, he has diminished it locally and after the November 2004 congressional election his political career will have finally come to an end.

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